3w 2m plus Chorus

Selkie is content with her life as a fisherman's wife and mother of two growing children in an isolated islands of Orkney, but the funeral of a drowned boy brings back memories of her former life as a seal, or selkie, in the ocean before she fell in love with her fisherman. With the revelation that her husband has been keeping things from her, Selkie is faced with the difficult choice to remain where she is or choose who she once was. This adaptation of the scottish myth "The Seal Wife", examines the struggle of every woman as she reconciles who she once was and who she is now. This play was first performed by the Starlight Theatre Company and is written for High School Performers.

The Window

2m 2w 2m/w plus Chorus

Six strangers meet at the place of In-betweenbetween two doors marked Entrance and Exit. They are a skeptical professor, a bitter old woman, an introverted musician, a goodhearted young, an offbeat dreamer, and the Storyteller. The Storyteller tells them nine stories, and each helps them to realize how to find their way to the exit. A play full of philosophy and parables, heartbreak and humor, the window was written for high school performers and a flexible cast. First performed by the Starlight Theatre Company in Austin, TX.

Tre Sorelle

4 w 1 m

Three sisters, a writer, a pianist, and a dancer, gather with their Mother, a painter, for their annual artistic retreat in their childhood home on the Oregon coast. When an Italian film maker shows up on their doorstep wishing to film a documentary of this talented family, the family must face their old secrets and confront the myth they built around their identity. A story filled with music, myth, and art, Tre Sorelle asks what it means to be a modern woman and artist, and the sacrifices that requires. Winner of the Mary Lou Fulton Grant and 2nd Place of the Vera Hinckley Creative Arts Award for Playwriting.