Plus Meets Minus

Addy Plus loves to put things together, collecting all sorts of things into larger and larger groups. Addy finds great joy in adding. Minus Takeaway likes nothing more than taking things apart. When these two characters meet, there is considerable confusion and conflict! PLUS MEETS MINUS is a fun, colorful exploration of two very different personalities and the results are many discoveries about both human nature and math. Designed for very young learners, PLUS MEETS MINUS will be best enjoyed by children ages 4 – 7, but is entertaining for audiences of all ages.

Plus Meets Minus: The Vacation Adventure

In May of 2013 Pollyanna audiences fell in love with Addy Plus and Minus Takeaway, two very unlikely friends. Well, Addy still loves to put things together and Minus still loves to subtract. But this newest production finds the two friends appreciating their differences and going on their first vacation together. All seems to be going well until they met up with Slice McGillicutty, a guy who insists on cutting things in half. How will Addy and Minus react to Slash? And is there a way to salvage their vacation once Slice McGillicutty arrives on the scene? Come along and find out. This play which brings basic math concepts to life, will be enjoyed by audiences ages 4 and up.

Rook's Tale

A brand new Musical for ages 7-12. Rook refuses to go to sleep on the eve of the Princess's sixteenth birthday so when the Fairy Queen casts a spell that makes the entire kingdom fall asleep, on Rook stays awake. Now she, a fairy boy named Tam, and her cat, Oscar must save the kingdom before the Giants eat her parents and the Fairy Queen takes the throne!